Mix'n'Match wrapping paper

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The perfect pack for when you need more than 1 wrapping paper design! Christmas, birthdays and weddings are all covered for the dinosaur lovers in your life. 

Pack size - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 sheets of mixed designs
Select the number of sheets you would like from the drop down menu then add the designs to the text box

Designs (from left to right in main image):
Ballet - The paper features dinosaurs in tutus and pointe shoes doing ballet moves! The paper has a light pink background and is blank on the reverse

Superheroes - The paper features dinosaurs dressed up as superheros! The paper has a light blue background and is blank on the reverse

Party animal - The paper features a yellow stegosaurus with coloured balloons tied to his spikes. He also has a party whistle in his mouth! The paper has a light purple background

Wedding - The paper features two triceratops dressed in a top hat and a veil! The paper has a white background and has scattered hearts.

Christmas Dinner Dinos - The paper features dinosaurs getting ready for their Christmas dinner! One dinosaur is carrying a big turkey, another has antlers and one is wearing a Santa hat. There are bonbons scattered around them. The paper has a light mint green background and is blank on the reverse

Ugly Christmas jumpers - The paper features a dinosaur wearing different Christmas jumper designs. There are 6 jumper designs; Snow-rex, Christmas tree, colourful fairisle pattern, Santa jumper, a grey jumper with silhouettes of a T-Rex, snowflakes and trees, and a night scene with Santa's sleigh. The dinosaurs are in rows with a very pale blue background scattered with snowflakes. 

The dinosaurs are approximately 5 - 6.5 cm wide each

Single Sided
115gsm Silk paper
700mm x 500mm

Folded: Folded to A4 size and shipped in a board back envelope