Colouring book two pack - Dinosaurs doing stuff & A T.Rexcellent Adventure

  • £18.00

DOUBLE T-ROUBLE! You can now get my colouring book, Dinosaurs Doing Stuff, and A T.Rexcellent Colouring book by Oh Plesiosaur in this pterrific two pack at a discounted price!

All illustrations were hand-drawn by us and each book is saddle-stitched (this is fancy printer talk for 'stapled along the spine')

Dinosaurs doing stuff is a super fun colouring book by me (Charlotte Filshie) filled with illustrations of dinosaur doing all kinds of stuff! Pages include ballet dancing, scuba diving, superheroes and many  more! Each dinosaur drawing is based on a real dinosaur drawn by me then adapted into this fun colouring book. There are 18 pages to colour in, each page is blank on the back so you can frame your finished pages. Pages range in difficulty.
A4 size with 18 pages
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Pterrific fun for homo sapiens of all ages! This coloring book features 20 meticulously detailed illustrations starring 60 (yes, 60!) of your favorite prehistoric creatures. From microraptor to megalodon, there's something for every dinosaur enthusiast, budding paleontologist, or coloring book aficionado. You'll be delighted by a stegosaurus soaring through the air, velociraptors performing Swan Lake, an elementary school of sharks, a pteranodon delivering airmail, and much more! Grab your biggest colored pencils and be thankful that these dinosaurs aren't life-size! Printed on 100% recycled paper.
US letter size with 24 pages
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***pencils not included***

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